How Does Your Current eTendering Solution Perform?

how well is your etendering solution performing

The eTendering solution that your organisation chooses should improve the efficiency of your buying strategy.

New technology has transformed the public sector’s procurement processes and has also allowed portal providers to provide many extra services that can benefit users.

We have created a checklist that should help your organisation to assess how its current eTendering solution is performing.



How well do you know the eTendering system that your organisation Is using? To get a good grasp of all the tools included with your solution it is important that your provider offers new users demo training and following up any new system development release with webinar training.


Account management

When your organisation chooses an eTendering solution, an expert from the provider should be working with you from the very start. Support is vital when it comes to new processes. Make sure that you are working with an account manager who will enable your organisation to implement not just a new solution but a new procurement strategy.



In the past, we have worked with organisations that have described their former system as “clunky” and “hard to manage”.  The eTendering solution that your organisation uses should only enhance the performance of your employees, not make things more complicated.


Technical helpdesk

Your organisation will not have the time to deal with technical queries from suppliers. Choosing a procurement portal that gives its users and their suppliers access to a technical helpdesk will make an enormous difference to the efficiency of your organisation.


Choose a provider that offers superior customer service & support

Delta eSourcing has helped hundreds of buyers move from a manual tendering process into the world of eTendering. We provide a central SaaS off-the-shelf solution, and are on hand to guide you through the implementation and learning process.

We offer three tiers of support to ensure a vastly superior customer experience:

  1. Business Development Manager – an expert on the Delta system, who will help you plan from the outset the best way to use the system and get the most from it
  2. Client Relationship Manager – always available to provide support when you need it
  3. Helpdesk – comprehensive technical support – online via live chat or by telephone for you to access at any time to solve any query

With this multi-tiered approach, you can be confident of getting the information you need, when you need it.

Make sure your organisation has the complete eProcurement solution ahead of the October deadline for implementing electronic tendering in public sector procurement.

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