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Select Accredit

Select Accredit: Stand out to public sector buyers.

Ensuring your company is ready to do business with the public sector is now more important than ever before. As competition grows and public sector budgets shrink, you will be under increasing pressure to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

Select Accredit offers a cost-effective and simple to use service that will give you a competitive advantage over other suppliers in the market. The service offers you independent third-party accreditation which denotes your business readiness and highlights that your company has met an agreed government standard and has proven delivery of goods or services.

If you intend to tender regularly for public sector contracts, you will save time, effort and costs by applying for accredited status.

During the accreditation process your business will be fully assessed, and on successful completion will be recognised as an accredited supplier for all related contracts. Thereafter your accreditation need only be renewed once, annually.

To apply for Select Accredit, simply register on Delta eSourcing and then choose the Select Accredit link to complete the online application and provide the relevant supporting documentation. When you have completed the application form you will receive an email from the Helpdesk with instructions on how to progress your application. In order to attain Select Accredit status you will be required to submit documentation to support your application. This includes up to date copies of your annual accounts, health & safety policy, equalities policy, environmental policy, references, VAT registration certificate and certificate of incorporation..

Key Features:

  • Recognition as an accredited supplier to the public sector.
  • Automatic reminders to ensure your key data is up to date (e.g. insurance).
  • Competitive advantage by being business ready.
  • A cost-effective method of marketing your business.
  • Value for money – annual subscription prices are based on turnover and start from as little as £90 + VAT (download pdf file of price list).