Procurement Reform: Delta eSourcing’s Approach for Public Sector Success


Procurement reform is almost upon us, and the changes are just a few months from taking effect. It’s a good time to reassess your operations, not only to cut the wheat from the chaff but also to eliminate processes that serve little to no purpose. 

Public sector organisations that aren’t ready for the rollout risk disruptions in the supply chain, as well as the possibility of non-compliance with new regulations.

Delta eSourcing knows how important it is to overcome these and other challenges as quickly as possible, so you can take the lead in the shifting procurement landscape. This is why we’re dedicated to supporting public sector organisations to transition seamlessly from the old to the new.

Take a look at the resources we’ve compiled so you can quickly and easily adapt to the new Procurement Act.

Procurement Act Skill Sessions

We developed the Procurement Act Skill Sessions as a series of interactive and immersive events that enable all stakeholders to get under the skin of the new regulations and prepare to maximise their benefits.

Buyers and contracting authorities gain the skills to use the new regulations to their advantage to deliver better outcomes and value. they can maximise opportunities and develop solutions to the challenges the reform presents.

Skill sessions are designed to complement the official Cabinet Office online training with an emphasis on communication, collaboration, and sharing planned approaches to work under the Act.

Sessions are facilitated by experts in the new legislation and are accompanied by action plans that you can implement immediately.

Commitment to Compliance

Contracting authorities can’t afford to delay compliance with new legislation and regulations. Delays can result in penalties that some public sector organisations can ill afford.

We’ve developed resources that prioritise compliance measures that don’t sacrifice the quality of your product, series, or works. Furthermore, we ensure that you are always informed of updates, additions, and enhancements that impact your organisation’s unique needs.

With a proactive approach that embraces innovation and flexibility, contracting authorities can stay ahead of the game.

Support Resources

Change isn’t always easy to absorb in a chunk. We have easy-to-digest videos that provide insight into legislation that encourages innovation and provides the confidence to take the initiative in a direction that sets you up for future public sector success.

We shine a light on the new procurement procedure, rooting out hidden challenges and simplifying processes. All you have to do is take advantage of the benefits and opportunities that arise.

Delta eSourcing Resources

Thanks to research with our partners in Central Government, Housing, and Higher Education, we developed our resources section to fill gaps regarding the preparedness of all stakeholders in the public sector from the buyer’s and supplier’s sides. Having identified key areas of concern, we created a range of free support materials, including downloads, case studies, and videos for all parties in public procurement.

Webinars ensure you are aware of any changes, including updates and best practices, so you can act proactively to maximise the opportunities that are on their way or take steps to minimise their impact on your supply chain.

Procurement buyers can share some recorded webinars with their preferred suppliers to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands the procurement process for their specific industry. This goes a long way to fostering collaboration and innovation and helps nurture relationships with those on your approved supplier list.

Delta eSourcing’s Role in Your Public Sector Success

There are changes on the horizon that have a significant impact on the UK’s public procurement process. Delta is here to guide you through the reforms regardless of whether you’re a buyer or supplier. We have decades of experience working in public sector procurement, so we have the in-depth knowledge and insight to help you navigate the evolving procurement landscape with confidence. 

Contact us if you want to feel empowered and in control of your procurement process.

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