AI Procurement

Exploring the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in eSourcing

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in eSourcing Artificial Intelligence stands out as a true frontrunner …

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The Benefits of Collaboration and Partnerships in eSourcing

How Collaboration and Partnerships Drive eSourcing Success eSourcing is a contemporary business practice that involves …

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The Impact of eSourcing on Innovation & Product Development

How eSourcing Drives Innovation and Product Development  Traditional procurement methods often limit creativity and hinder …

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The Role of eSourcing in Public Sector Procurement

From Paper To Digital: How eSourcing is Transforming Public Sector Procurement As technology continues to …

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data security

The Importance of Data Security in eSourcing

Data security is an integral part of an effective eSourcing system and can determine the …

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The future of eSourcing: trends and predictions

eSourcing is opening the door to a world of possibilities for buyers, public sector organisations, …

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The benefits of using Delta eSourcing for procurement

A robust procurement process is essential for many public sector organisations and buyers looking for …

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Maximising Savings through Data-Driven Decision Making

Running a business in today’s Digital Era comes with its own set of challenges. If …

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What Procurement Professionals Need to Look Out for During a Recession

In times of economic downturn, procurement professionals face unique challenges that require strategic planning and …

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Government tenders

Government Tenders: Holding Net Zero at the Heart of Procurement

Did you know the earth is about 1.1C degrees warmer than it was in the 1800s? Net …

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Top 7 Tips for Ensuring Procurement Compliance

It’s true that your top priority as a business owner is always going to be …

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esourcing companies

5 Things to Know About eSourcing in 2023

You probably know 2022 was an exciting year for technology. AI advancements and a host of new …

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