Benefits of Dynamic Purchasing Systems for the Education Sector

Education sector

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) allow buyers to procure goods, works or services that are available in the market quickly and efficiently. Unlike a framework agreement, a DPS remains open to new suppliers, giving buyers access to fresh innovations. DPS is an efficient and electronic procedure that would benefit the education sector.

Read about the benefits of dynamic purchasing systems to the education sector.


Streamline the procurement process

There are many benefits of using a Dynamic Purchasing System, one being that it can streamline the procurement process. Once suppliers have joined a DPS through an initial contract opportunity, they do not need to demonstrate suitability every time a buyer has a requirement. Instead, the buyer can run mini-competitions, which do not need to go to OJEU and have far shorter timescales. Additionally, DPS lets you select from a large pool of suppliers, as there is no limit to the number of suppliers which can be selected for a DPS.


Gain value for money

As a Dynamic Purchasing System is a wholly electronic procedure, it allows the user to get better value for money from their suppliers. This will come in handy when looking for the best value providers of core requirements such as pens and stationary.

Updating your pool of suppliers is important, as it ensures that your organisation is consistently benefiting from the eProcurement process, gaining value for money and ensuring that your suppliers always remain competitive. Unlike a Framework Agreement, a Dynamic Purchasing System remains open for new suppliers to join throughout its life.


Increase innovation

If your organisation is using a framework, it may be restrictive. For example, the best suppliers at the start of a framework may have fallen behind in terms of innovation four years on.

By using a DPS your organisation will have the option of working with new suppliers in all markets, which will allow you to ensure that you get the best products currently in the market.


How can Delta help?

Delta eSourcing includes a DPS module, which supports customers through all stages of the DPS process, optimising efficiency. Customers have the ability to create a bespoke procurement package from all the modules within Delta eSourcing. Whether you are looking for a Dynamic Purchasing System module, a Tender Management solution or both, you can choose from a range of Delta eSourcing services.

All our tools are EU compliant and offer customers a fully web-based service.

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