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What is Delta Market Analytics?

We are excited to announce a brand-new product to the Delta eSourcing and Supply Chain portfolio which gathers buyer and supplier data and real-time insights all in one place.

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and time-consuming searches and hello to a tailored dashboard that’s customised to your unique needs which shows you the data that matters to you the most.

With Delta Market Analytics you can make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently to maximise and streamline your organisation’s potential, allowing you to buy smarter.

What our customers have to say about Delta Market Analytics

“Delta Market Analytics is something I think buyers have been waiting for and needed for a long time.”

“Unsuccessful and time draining google searches are hopefully now a thing of the past for us.”

“..the information within Delta Market Analytics is a godsend when researching the market..”

“..we have been able to better prepare a number of current procurements because we have such valuable date on hand.”

Whats included?

Market overview

Our platform's forward-looking market overview feature empowers you to mitigate supply chain risk and optimise your procurement strategy. We provide the market visibility you need for early engagement with potential suppliers, enabling you to establish stronger relationships and reduce lead times and costs. Plan for the future and be steps ahead in your procurement strategies.

Buyer audit

The Buyer Audit feature allows you to compare your procurement metrics against your peers, identify areas for improvement, and optimise your procurement processes.
Invaluable when it comes to the pre-procurement stage and planning your tender, Buyer Audit allows you to view data from buyers that have submitted similar tenders and see who they have been awarded to. This helps you to identify suppliers in advance of publishing your tender to ensure that you are reaching a diverse selection, helping to extend your supplier relationships, reduce risk and improve your procurement performance.

Custom query builder

Custom query builder allows you to supercharge your data analysis. It allows you and your team to create and run complex queries that can be shared with stakeholders. Our query builder is completely flexible and can be tailored to your unique needs to extract the exact information you require in seconds.

Custom dashboards

The volume of data available can be overwhelming and you can easily lose sight of what is important to your organisation. With a sleek, intuitive and easy to use interface, Delta Market Analytics will give you instant access to the data that matters to you most. Streamline your data analysis process and optimise your organisation's buying power.

We are confident you'll be impressed!

As Delta Market Analytics is fully customisable to your organisation’s needs, the best way to experience it and to truly showcase how it can enhance your buying potential is to book a FREE personalised demo.

A member of our expert eSourcing team will tailor the demonstration to your exact needs and how Delta Market Analytics can become part of your procurement cycle at every stage.

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