HCSA 2018

Delta at HCSA

Delta will be attending the HCSA 48th Annual Conference and Exhibition on 27 and 28 November at Cardiff City Hall. This year’s conference and exhibition, titled NHS Procurement – Shaping the Future, will provide delegates with motivating ideas and a lively atmosphere in which to discuss and debate the key issues. The conference will be taking place at a time when NHS budgets are under considerable pressure and the expectations on NHS procurement to leverage further significant efficiencies have never been higher.


What is HCSA 2018?

The HCSA 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition is the leading event in the NHS procurement calendar. It will provide both presenters and delegates with an unsurpassed opportunity to network, share good practice and engage in debate about the future of NHS procurement over two stimulating days.

Designed specifically for procurement experts, contract managers, commissioners and suppliers, this year’s conference will bring together expert speakers to discuss how NHS procurement can best position itself to meet the needs of a changing healthcare environment. The conference is taking place at a critical time for the NHS and delegates will benefit from both the learning and networking opportunities available.


Why attend HCSA 2018?

Attending the HCSA 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition will provide delegates with an opportunity to:

  • Network with a highly influential audience from the healthcare sector.
  • Hear from a broad range of experts on how NHS procurement will meet challenges and seize opportunities while operating in such a dynamic NHS and economic environment.
  • Understand the latest commercial thinking across the healthcare sector.
  • Hear from procurement partners about the challenges they face and how working more collaboratively can leverage better outcomes.
  • Find out what is happening to develop both the profession and its future procurement leaders while delivering further efficiencies.


Delta at HCSA 2018

Delta eSourcing is the official eSourcing Partner of HCSA 2018. The Delta team will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into the best practices, view case studies and see the benefits that can be achieved through the effective adoption of eSourcing across the NHS.

Two members of the Delta team will be at the event to provide insight into the world of eSourcing.

Meet the team:

Scott McKechnie – Public Sector Sales Manager

Grant Campbell – Senior Business Development Manager


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