Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

  • How do we always get value for money?
  • How do we ensure that our Suppliers still benefit?

What is a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)?

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is an electronic tool that is used to purchase goods, works and services that are both commonly used by your organisation and readily available on the market. It’s similar to a framework but has the functionality to add new suppliers at any time and is 100% electronic.

Many public sector buyers are choosing to procure using a Dynamic Purchasing System to stay compliant with Regulation 22 – and to gain flexibility during the procurement process.

Tender documents that are placed on a Dynamic Purchasing System are made freely available electronically from the date of the advert. This makes public procurement more transparent as these procurement documents must remain available electronically throughout the lifecycle of the Dynamic Purchasing System.

Find out more about our Dynamic Purchasing System module below.


What are the benefits of a Dynamic Purchasing System?

The other benefits of Dynamic Purchasing Systems for a procurement team include:

  • Procure goods, works or services commonly available on the market
  • Manage a range of competitive exercises, including opportunity notice creation, request for quotes (RFQ), mini-competitions, open DPS, Questionnaire and end-to-end DPS exercises
  • Benefit from a refreshable pool of suppliers, with companies which meet the selection criteria being able to join at any point
  • Select from a large pool of suppliers: there is no limit to the number of suppliers which can access the DPS
  • Automated Evaluation – let Delta eSourcing do all the work
  • Award tenders more quickly than under other procedures: the minimum timescale for return of tenders is 10 days
  • Improve efficiency as there is no requirement to advertise in OJEU for each mini-competition and suppliers only need to demonstrate suitability once.


Find out how you can gain value for money with Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Refreshing your pool of suppliers is important, as it ensures that your organisation is consistently benefiting from the eProcurement process, gaining value for money and ensuring that your suppliers always remain competitive.

When you choose to use a Dynamic Purchasing System, new suppliers can join at any time, which means that new players in the market are not locked out of your supplier list – keeping everybody happy!

This streamlines public sector procurement as suppliers do not need to repeat suitability and capability steps every time that they want to tender for a public sector contract. All in all, this speeds up the process as it makes tendering much simpler!


How can Delta eSourcing system help?

Our tools are EU compliant. We offer our customers a full eSourcing web-based service, and as we are committed to helping the public sector make efficient savings, you can create a package that fits the needs of your organisation.

Delta eSourcing customers have the flexibility to create a bespoke procurement package. Whether you are looking for a Dynamic Purchasing System module a Tender Management solution or both, you can choose from a range of Delta eSourcing services.

Delta eSourcing’s Dynamic Purchasing System is completely electronic. The module allows buyers to procure goods, works or services commonly available on the market quickly and efficiently from a refreshable pool of suppliers.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems are an efficient and wholly electronic framework procedure, enabling buyers to get more value for money from their suppliers.


Manage tenders, suppliers and contracts in a single solution – our eSourcing system. Book a free demo with Delta and see how our Dynamic Purchasing System can benefit your organisation first hand.