Tender Management

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Your procurement team do their best to fully engage with their suppliers while at the same time making sure they remain compliant with the procurement Regulations at all times. However, this can be difficult and trying to manage all tenders effectively is not an easy task. Fortunately, Delta’s Tender Management module is here to help you convert a potential resource draining issue into a huge advantage for your organisation.

What is tender management?

If you are unsure of what tender management software can do, it ensures an effective and efficient process for public sector buyers to source products or services through the procurement process. Buyers use tender management systems at every stage of the tendering process. Such systems allow secure document creation, exchange and storage, as well as creating a full communications audit trail.

The public sector marketplace is becoming more and more competitive which means that more projects and services are being put out to tender than ever before. The more tenders your organisation posts, the harder it becomes to manage them all efficiently and compliantly – which is why many public sector organisations use tender management systems.

Why does your organisation need a tender management system?

Tender management teams are constantly dealing with paperwork and the process can be extremely time consuming. Due to the intensity of this workload, mistakes are often made when tender management is completed manually.

As mentioned previously, the growing volumes of tenders to be managed by public sector buyers means that many organisations have moved to tender management software in recent years.

Tender management software allows teams to store and share key information with one another throughout the procurement process, while the software also has reporting capabilities. Delta eSourcing customers have access to many tools that can help them optimise their tender management.

Key features

Compliant eNotice Tool

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Compliant eNotice Tool

Facility to create, manage and stream both above and below EU threshold contract notices, RFQs and RFIs.

  • Established official OJS eSender status and Contracts Finder partner
  • Stream notices to OJEU, Contracts Finder, your Buyer Profile and BiP Solutions’ business intelligence and contract information services
  • Create all types, procedures and values: automated compliance to OJEU timescales and thresholds
  • Create and link addenda and awards to your original notice
  • Searchable database of all your contract notices
  • Create EU statistical returns and management information reporting
  • Questionnaire Builder (SQ, RFQ or, RFI)
  • Easy and efficient way of producing fully customised online questionnaires
  • Standard questionnaire template based on the Cabinet Office standard SQ
  • Extremely flexible, allowing questions or sections to be added/moved to tailor your documentation; automatic renumbering of sections and questions
  • Create, store and manage your own set of tender documentation
  • Reduces burden for suppliers as they use their Supplier Profile to quickly and easily auto-populate answers

Evaluation Tool

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Evaluation Tool

Create a bespoke evaluation plan for your questionnaire

  • Flexible scoring range options from 0 to a 100, plus ability to set percentage weightings
  • Intuitive interface to assign single or multiple evaluators to sections or questions
  • Allow single or group evaluation, which can be restricted
  • Support consensus evaluation helping finalise the decision-making process
  • Option to share weightings with suppliers
  • Export facility to provide debriefs for suppliers
  • Provides reliable audit trail to avoid challenges
  • Easily shortlist successful suppliers and move to the next stage
  • Restriction of visibility allows evaluators to see only relevant information

Tenderbox Document Exchange

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Tenderbox Document Exchange

Online Tenderbox facility for exchanging tender-related documents with suppliers

  • Fully flexible: utilise SQ documents or upload and exchange your own documentation
  • Secure and fully audited environment
  • Fully searchable activity log of all documentation: buyer, supplier and system activity
  • No restriction on types of documents that can be uploaded
  • Can be set to open and close at specific times, ensuring that fully compliant audit trail is available
  • Ability to evaluate and score suppliers and then award contract
  • Document library to store and share documentation
  • Large upload file size limit (50Mb)

Delta eSourcing’s Tender Management module is a web-based service that allows buyers and suppliers to engage with each other to achieve greater efficiency in all aspects of the tender process. Tender Manager is an easy to use, EU-compliant tender management tool which provides a secure, competitive tendering process from creation of notice to award of contract. This covers notice creation, EOIs, RFIs, SQs, secure exchange of ITT documents and evaluation.

The Tender Management module can be used in conjunction with the Workspace Manager module to provide dynamic cross-department or cross-organisation collaborative workspaces. These allow you to run one-off tender exercises or repetitive procurements, as well as being useful for housing longer-term joint ventures.

Case Study

We offer our customers the support they require whenever they need it. Customers can contact us via the Delta Helpdesk or right now using Live Chat.

The feedback we receive from Delta eSourcing users allows our team to keep working on and improving all aspects of our tender management software.

Read our case study from Efficiency East Midlands and find out how our service helped their organisation.

Efficiency East Midlands

“Delta eSourcing gave us the platform for that collaborative approach. It has provided us with one central document store, one set of automated tendering processes and has given me clear visibility of all activity across the procurement function.”


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