Discover the advantages of an electronic procurement solution and how Delta eSourcing can transform your procurement process.

What is eProcurement?

eProcurement means the procurement process – from notice creation to contract management – is conducted electronically, often using specialist software systems.

An electronic procurement solution (eProcurement) is the method which many public sector organisations use to purchase goods and service, publish notices and manage tender exercises.

eProcurement has many benefits over traditional methods, including reduced costs and complete auditability.

The requirement for all communication around procurement to be electronic as of October 2018 means that eProcurement software and tender management systems are becoming increasingly interwoven in commercial eProcurement solutions.

How To Get The Most Out
Of Your Procurement

The Delta eSourcing team has worked with thousands of users across the UK, Europe and internationally to help them get the most out of their procurement as our eProcurement platform provides buyers with the right tools for compliant eProcurement.

We have helped public sector organisations to overcome some of the most common challenges that occur throughout the procurement process with our user-friendly solution.

Our eProcurement solution is simple to use and it quickly relieves pressure on procurement resources by enabling different departments within an organisation to manage tasks easily and effectively.

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What is an
eProcurement system?

eProcurement has come a long way since it started in the 1980s. The invention of Electronic Data interchange (EDI) allowed files and documents to be shared between the public and private sector which was revolutionary at the time.

Nowadays, technology has enabled the public sector to purchase more efficiently using bespoke software. Buyers use Tender Management or eTendering systems that have filing mechanisms which allow buyers and suppliers to review and revise the bid documentation, along with any questions and answers that have been submitted in relation to the bid.

By moving to an eProcurement solution, your organisation will have a lighter environmental impact as there is no requirement for printing and posting. As well as being more sustainable, your organisation will cut budget spend, making our software an excellent investment.

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of eProcurement below.

What Are The Benefits Of eProcurement?

Streamline your procurement processes and comply with the Regulations with eProcurement. This electronic method removes unnecessary manual processes and helps buying organisations to speed up response times and set clearer lines of communication with their suppliers.

Delta eSourcing customers have access to cutting-edge technology that can transform the efficacy of any buyer’s strategy. Every stage of the procurement process, from initial contract notice to evaluation to contract management can be conducted electronically and is fully auditable. Even complex projects involving multiple people and tender exercises can be tracked
and managed efficiently. Our web-based service eliminates any paperwork and means that users can access our portal anywhere, at any time.

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