The Delta eSourcing platform provides buyers with the right tools for compliant eProcurement. With thousands of users across the UK, Europe and internationally, government and public sector buyers and bidders publish notices and manage tender exercises.

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Tender Management or eTendering systems are essentially filing mechanisms that allow buyers and suppliers to review and revise the bid documentation, along with any questions and answers that have been submitted in relation to the bid.

The requirement for all communication around procurement to be electronic as of October 2018 means that eProcurement software and tender management systems are becoming increasingly interwoven in commercial eProcurement solutions.

By moving to an eTendering system, your organisation will have a lighter environmental impact as there is no requirement for printing and posting. As well as being more sustainable, your organisation will cut budget spend, making our software an excellent investment.

The Benefits of eTendering

Meet Regulations

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Meet Regulations

Since the announcement of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015), there has been focus on improving the way in which the public sector procures goods, services and works. Specifically, how can this be a more sustainable and manageable process? The EU has answered this by introducing regulation to ensure that all tender documentation must be made available electronically.

Contract Management

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Contract Management

With a strong focus coming from the EU on contract management, there is a significant need for a centralised and organised method for contract management – the costs, timescales, audit trail, information sharing and performance analysis.

Although the use of electronic documentation in procurement is increasingly widespread, this regulation should provide a significant boost to improving public sector procurement. From a contracting authority’s perspective, making contract documentation available electronically across the organisation is both sustainable and attractive. As well as cutting costs, this saves time and resource within the contracting authority, making it a more productive and streamlined process.

Publish Documentation

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Publish Documentation

As well as the introduction of electronic documentation, contract management has become a central focus in the implementation of electronically available documents. Since it is necessary for contracting authorities to publish all documentation electronically, it is important that they invest in a reliable contract management system, such as the Contract Management software modules by Delta eSourcing, which can help contracting authorities to comply with the regulations and centralise all their documents.

By using an eProcurement system, you can streamline your organisation’s procurement processes!

Delta can help you to define and standardise workflows across entire departments. Your team can then automate a number of supply chain management processes which would have previously been completed manually.

Our eProcurement services

Delta eSourcing offers unique services. Our customers can create a bespoke procurement package which can be tailored to their business needs.

Whether you require software which has tender management built in or something with Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Manager, we can help you create electronic procurement system which will make your organisation run more efficiently.

Delta software

Our customers love Delta’s rich functionality. As we are committed to helping public sector organisations make efficiency savings to improve their procurement processes, our software covers all aspects of the eTendering process:

  • Commissioning
  • Notice Creation
  • Standard Selection Questionnaire
  • Invitations to tender
  • Evaluation
  • Contract management

We create packages based on the needs of your business. Simply tell us your requirements and we will create a personalised eTendering software for your business.

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