Time Management in Procurement

time management in procurement

According to 55% of respondents to a survey of procurement professionals within the 2019 Procurement Trends Report, produced by Fusion21, financial constraints had the greatest influence on procurement decisions.

As they say time is money, your procurement team is a valuable resource, therefore it’s better to do things as efficiently as possible.

We investigate the importance of time management within procurement below.

What is time management?

Time management allows procurement professionals to organise and plan how they will divide their time between specific activities.

Organisations that practise good time management can work smarter, not harder, enabling staff to get more done in less time, even when time pressures are thrust upon them.

Time management and procurement

Time management and procurement go hand in hand as public sector organisations have the end goal of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their strategy.

In the past, the traditional way to procure and bid for supplies was on paper, which indeed was very time consuming. As technology progressed, the public sector migrated to electronic media so that documents could be stored and printed. Nowadays the entire process can be done through the Cloud and there are many tools buyers and suppliers can use to improve the efficiency of their procurement. This means that procurement professionals can manage and complete processes anywhere and everywhere – which is great for colleagues who need to work flexibly or from home.

Time is also saved as communication between buyers and suppliers is stronger using eProcurement as questions and answers that have been submitted in relation to the bid can be sent quickly, 24 hours a day. This speeds up the procurement process and makes the market more accessible for suppliers with less experience and from a wider geographical area, thereby opening the market and giving buyers more choice.

How can an eProcurement system help?

Delta drives efficient working by eliminating unnecessary processes, allowing you to make the most of your time.

It can help your team to streamline its eProcurement strategy and ensure it is achieving maximum productivity for your organisation throughout the procurement process.

Since October 2018, all public sector organisations MUST use an electronic procurement solution when communicating and exchanging information during the tender processes (for contracts above EU thresholds). This also includes the submission of tenders.

This has been seen as a positive move by those who deal with tender submissions daily. Before the regulation came into force, many organisations were constantly dealing with time-consuming paperwork and manual processes – something which can lead to costly mistakes.

The move to eProcurement has therefore become a key part of buying organisations’ procurement strategy. It should also be part of any time management strategy.

Why Delta?

Delta eSourcing is a simple tool that centralises purchasing and procurement.

Delta has a rich functionality and we are committed to helping public sector organisations make efficiency savings where possible with software covering all aspects of eTendering. With bespoke Delta packages, there is no more need for repetitive administrative tasks.

Request a demo with a member of or expert team to learn more about how we can help your organisation save time and money.

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