Delta eSourcing: an official G-Cloud 11 supplier

g cloud 11 supplier

We are pleased to confirm that our service has a place on the G-Cloud 11 framework.

Delta eSourcing is an official supplier and, having first secured a place on the UK Government framework when it was G-Cloud 7 in November 2015, our team has a proven track record of providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to public sector organisations.

What is G-Cloud 11?

The latest version of the government framework, G-Cloud 11, allows UK public sector bodies to choose and buy cloud computing services.

It consists of a series of framework agreements with a qualified list of suppliers from whom organisations can buy services without the need to run a full tender or competitive procurement process.

Niall Quinn, Director of Technology at CCS, has said:

“G-Cloud continues to be a major success story for how we drive innovation in the public sector. G-Cloud is all about simplicity, making it as straightforward as possible for customers and suppliers to find each other.”

How can Delta eSourcing benefit the public sector?

On the UK government’s website, it says that the benefits of Delta eSourcing include “assured confidentiality, integrity and availability.”

Not only is our eSourcing and eTendering service compliant with UK legislation and EU regulations, but our tools allow buying organisations to manage tenders, suppliers and contracts within a single solution.

Our service is completely tailored to our users’ needs. Users of Delta eSourcing can also pick and choose from our range of securely hosted modules including: Buyer Profile and Portal, Tender Manager, Supplier Manager, Contract Manager, Project and Workspace Manager, Quick Call and eAuctions.

Delta eSourcing customers also have the option of helpdesk support for both buyers and suppliers, which is available via email, telephone and live chat.

G-Cloud 12

The G-Cloud 11 framework has been extended due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, while applications to the G-Cloud 12 framework opened on 3 March 2020. Public sector organisations can carry out quick procurement through G-Cloud during the pandemic period, one of the reasons why this framework is so essential during this time.

If you are a G-Cloud 11 supplier, you will still need to apply to G-Cloud 12 by 20 July 2020, as all G-Cloud 11 services will be removed once G-Cloud 12 services are live.

Suppliers can reuse their G-Cloud 11 declaration and services; however, suppliers must upload new service documents.

Discover how Delta eSourcing can transform your procurement strategy

During this uncertain time, our customers have the confidence that our service comes with Government endorsement.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause concern for buyers, suppliers and other stakeholders, it is important to recognise that procurement has never played a more important role in bringing businesses and communities together.

In such challenging times, we want to let you know what we’re doing at Delta eSourcing to make sure our customers receive the very best service.

We are here to help both sectors during this pandemic. If you are new to Delta eSourcing and would like to learn more about our services, get in touch with a member of our expert team, or find out about the changes to procurement regulations during the Coronavirus pandemic in our COVID-19: The Government Procurement Policy Notes (PPN) blog.





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