How eProcurement saves you time

how eprocurement saves time

Zero Tasking Day has become an annual event in the calendar when people are encouraged to give themselves some much deserved ‘me time’, encouraging rest, relaxation and a noticeable lack of work. Delta drives efficient working by eliminating unnecessary processes that do nothing more than grind your procurement processes to a halt, allowing you to make the most of your time.

This is a prime opportunity to streamline your eProcurement strategy and ensure you are achieving maximum productivity for your organisation throughout the procurement process. Delta eSourcing’s eProcurement tools will address this directly, bringing benefits for buyers and suppliers alike, meaning for once your time can be better spent on interests outside work.

What is eProcurement?

eProcurement, often known as eTendering systems, provides a means to remove unnecessary manual processes, speed up response times and set clearer lines of communication between buyers and suppliers. This positive impact is felt all the way through the supply chain and marks a huge contrast between how the procurement process worked historically – all on paper.

On 18th October 2018, the law changed around communication surrounding public contracts when Regulation 22 of the Public Contracts Regulations came into force. All public sector organisations had to move to an electronic procurement solution for every aspect of the procurement process. This included communication and information exchanged in the tender process (for contracts above EU threshold), as well as the submission of tenders. This new requirement has only encouraged tender management systems to become more interwoven with commercial eProcurement solutions by giving more transparency to each stage of the procurement process.

How eProcurement saves you time and boosts your efforts

Delta has worked with thousands of users across the UK, Europe and internationally to help them get the most out of their procurement. The eProcurement platform covers every aspect of the tendering process, and creates a compliant audit trail at each stage. It provides buyers and suppliers with the right tools to review and revise bid documentation, along with any questions and answers that have been submitted in relation to the bid. Organisations will have access to this information 24 hours a day. This provides a faster response time between buyers and suppliers and ensures that all parties are literally on the same page.

eProcurement ensures an effective and efficient process for public sector buyers to source products or services. Used at every stage of the tendering process, the systems allow secure document creation, exchange and storage. This means there is a full audit trail of communication – a factor which is becoming increasingly important in procurement that needs to be able to prove that it remains sustainable and good value for money.

The demise of construction giant Carillion in January 2018 is a prime example of procurement in desperate need of transparency between buyers, suppliers and the wider supply chain. Carillion was reported to have held 450 government contracts at the time it went into liquidation, working on high-profile construction projects across the UK, including the HS2 joint venture, the Aberdeen bypass and the Royal Liverpool Hospital. With a massive volume of contracts all in progress at once, gaps in communication between parties meant delays to projects and in some cases, costs rose far above the original cost detailed in the contract. The case of Carillion brought to attention the need for effective and constant communication and contract management throughout the procurement process, even long after award of contract. Effective contract management is essential to meet project deadlines, save taxpayers’ money and strive for more sustainable procurement. Monitoring and sharing project progress through consistent contract documentation management is also integral. The larger and more complex the project, the greater the need for rigorous contract management.

Delta’s eProcurement management system provides buyers and suppliers with the right tools to achieve maximum productivity, all in one place. This business solution is key to the future of successful, collaborative procurement.

Manage contract documentation all in one place

Each contract published by the OJEU carries a vast amount of documentation, and contract documentation management is key at every stage of the procurement process, from pre-planning to post-analysis. Delta meets the need for a centralised and organised method of documentation management, with one business solution allowing access to the costs, timescales, evaluations, audit trail, information sharing and performance analysis. This tool saves huge amounts of time and resource for buyers, making procurement a more productive and streamlined process.

Delta has a rich functionality and we are committed to helping public sector organisations make efficiency savings where possible with software covering all aspects of eTendering. With bespoke Delta packages, there is no more need for repetitive administrative tasks.

Get ready for your carefree Zero Tasking Day with your mind at peace that Delta’s eProcurement tools will help you achieve your business goals.

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