Delta champions International Project Management Day

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7th November is a notable day for businesses around the world and yet a great many businesses may never have heard of it. International Project Management Day is an annual event to recognise the hard work of project managers and project teams and the integral role they play in successful businesses, across all industries and sectors. Delta eSourcing celebrates this event and the integral role it plays in bridging buyers and suppliers through successful eProcurement.

It is worth noting that project management can only be as effective as the efficient business intelligence tools that are implemented by organisations. These tools can help manage workload, save time, resource and streamline communication throughout work processes, all in one place. Delta eSourcing is the perfect example of powerful tools which drive successful project management by centralising the entire procurement and contract management process in one web-based service, for buyers and suppliers alike.

Find out how Delta’s Project Manager tool, and the Workspace Manager module within which it sits, make successful project management happen seamlessly.

Workspace Manager is key to successful eProcurement

The wider Workspace Manager module drives collaborative procurement by bringing projects, procurement and people together, into one accessible place. It is an easily managed solution which provides a platform where common objectives can be identified and best practice can be established, achieving procurement that is durable and productive.

Project Manager plays a huge role in this module. Here’s how it can help your business.

How Delta’s Project Manager works

Within Delta’s Workspace Manager Module, Project Manager works to store all tenders and quick calls into one space, accessible 24 hours a day and fully customisable to your needs. It works on an invitation-only basis, meaning that only the relevant users in your organisation will gain access to project information.

Project Manager maintains a clear communication between all relevant parties no matter where they are around the world, ensuring everyone involved in the eProcurement process is effectively on the same page. Project Manager will help your organisation master the best practice for eProcurement tender management with other benefits including:

  • Users can be assigned to different segments or levels of a contract on the platform, granting greater control over access
  • An enhanced layout of all aspects of the contract, including start and end dates and the estimated value of the project (updated in real-time).
  • Easy access to the project’s document repository and discussions
  • A clear overview of all tender exercises within the project
  • A built-in calendar which reminds parties of key dates, meetings and milestones throughout the process.
  • A clear audit trail of all discussion and actions carried out on the project.


Bringing procurement, projects and people together

Delta’s business intelligence tools are paving the way for efficient and environmentally conscious eProcurement strategies that are a huge step forward from the traditional procurement process of paper and pen. Find out how Delta’s robust, efficient, compliant eProcurement solutions can transform your business.

For more information on Delta Project Manager, Workspace Manager and our other eProcurement tools, request a demo with our team and experience the power of Delta.

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