New improvements with Delta V9.2

Delta Webinar_Feb2018


Join us for a live webinar on 22 or 27 February.

Our experts will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have about the launch of Delta V9.2.

What you’ll learn

During the webinar, we will demonstrate the new features of Delta V9.2. The following changes will be incorporated in the update:

  • Buyers can now create a “Price” question in an ITT. This allows suppliers to respond with a bid amount which the system will then score automatically and rank suppliers.
  • The evaluation plan can also be split to give a certain percentage of the weightings to both the Technical and Pricing sections.
  • When entering weightings against each question you can now use numbers containing up to two decimal points. This permits greater flexibility when assigning weightings and allows for more complex evaluation plans to be created.
  • Many clients had highlighted areas of the system which they believe would benefit from improvement. As part of 9.2, changes have been put in place to improve performance and the user experience, on the basis of customer recommendations.

Find out in more detail during our webinar how these changes can help your organisation to improve performance and efficiency.

Once the presentation has finished the Delta eSourcing team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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Our latest update sees many improvements to the functionality and overall quality of Delta eSourcing’s service.

This webinar will help you understand how your organisation can benefit from the Delta V9.2 update.

Both webinars start at 10.30am. Limited spaces are still available but you can sign up for our free webinar today.

Who we are

Delta’s eTendering portal is at the forefront of procurement, offering matchless customer support and extensive market and industry knowledge. Our e-tendering portal is intuitive, compliant and easy to use.

Our solution is used and trusted by over 500 public sector organisations and by approximately 100,000 active suppliers. To find out more about our service, secure your seat at one of next week’s webinars or find out more about our demo service.


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