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Public procurement is changing fast. New demands, new rules, a higher profile and an unfamiliar landscape to charter as the UK emerges from the twin challenges of Brexit and COVID-19. It’s a lot to get your head around and there’s not much time to do it.

Hosted every month by Delta eSourcing, our free ‘Delta Talks’ webinar series provides clarity, reassurance and straightforward answers to the questions buyers across the public sector are asking. In a complex and changing world, these interactive events are a unique opportunity to gain insight into procurement reform, increase knowledge and develop best practice approaches.

Led by experienced procurement professionals and featuring guest panellists from major buying organisations, these are valuable sessions for anyone involved in procurement strategy and delivery.

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Philip Kinnell
Senior Consultancy and Training Manager (PASS)

Tackling the Global Climate Emergency – insights and actions for public sector buyers - 45mins

The impact of climate change is being felt around the world. It’s a global challenge that needs local action to combat its effects – and that’s why the UK public sector has such a vital role to play. From central and devolved governments through to local authorities, the NHS and beyond – all need to consider sustainability as part of their procurement process. But what does this mean in practice and how can buyers ensure they are driving the climate agenda while balancing their many other priorities?

This exclusive webinar, hosted by Delta eSourcing and broadcast from the heart of COP26 in Glasgow, will help buyers understand:

• What are your current and future obligations in support of the climate agenda?
• What practical steps can you take now to play an effective part?
• How is procurement legislation changing to support a more sustainable approach?
• What best practice examples of a sustainable approach exist to provide inspiration and guidance?
• How can you work more effectively with your supply chains to deliver on environmental goals?

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16/11/2021 11:00 am

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