Ensuring eProcurement implementation: The impact of its absence

Ensuring eProcurement implementation: The impact of its absence

Failure to adopt eProcurement systems in procurement organisations often leaves employees feeling ‘overworked’, study finds;

A new study has found that many governmental procurement organisations who have yet to adopt e-procurement software solutions are struggling to streamline and automate many tasks, which has resulted in almost 40% of buyers in the procurement sector feeling overworked.

The research, which was published by Onvia and is entitled Survey of Government Procurement Professionals, found that organisations which have failed to adopt eProcurement systems into their purchasing process often have members of their team carrying out tasks which would otherwise be automated with e-procurement software.

The findings of the survey, that 40% of buyers feel overworked, represents a 4% increase compared to the same study from last year. Almost a quarter (24.8%) of procurement professionals who participated in the study said not having enough time to prepare and plan bids was their greatest challenge, and almost a fifth (18.1%) said that ensuring compliance with multiple layers of regulatory challenges is the biggest challenge they face. They attributed these challenges to a lack of staffing resources and a rising demand that procurement professionals ‘do more with less’.

The report also drew a correlation between the most successful government procurement agencies and the methods they use, finding that the adoption of e-procurement is a key area which can improve their performance. This is in line with findings from other studies which have shown that adopting e-procurement systems in organisations has a significant effect on improving supply chain integration practices.

The adoption of eProcurement has turned the buying process into a strategic function for many organisations, and has dramatically simplified the procurement process, as previously discussed on the blog. With this in mind the European Parliament has put eProcurement at the heart of upcoming changes, and has approved a directive on public procurement to implement eProcurement in all Member States by no later than October 2018.

The aim of the directive, which will make it mandatory for businesses to carry out the entire procurement process electronically, is to make it simpler for business to participate in the public procurement process, and easier for the public sector to manage, also allowing for the integration of data-based approaches at various stages of the public procurement process

With procurement teams having to ‘do more with less’ it can be difficult to fully engage with suppliers whilst you’re finding the time to properly prepare and plan bids as well as make sure that you’re complying with regulatory challenges throughout the process.

However, Delta has the tools to turn a potentially draining resource into an advantage for your organisation.

Delta’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Manager module allows buyers to procure goods, works or services commonly available on the market quickly and efficiently from a refreshable pool of suppliers, saving your team time and enabling buyers to get more value for money from suppliers.

Additionally, our Tender Management module, a web-based service that allows buyers and suppliers to engage with each other, helps achieve greater efficiency in all aspects of the tender process from the creation of notice to award of contract. This tool is also EU-compliant to make sure that you’re complying with regulatory challenges throughout the process.

With the manifold benefits of eProcurement, there’s no reason why your organisation shouldn’t be embracing it.

To find out how Delta can streamline your procurement process, contact us or request a free demo today.

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