Focus Areas for Educational Procurement 2018

education procurement

Spending on education has been a focus for local authorities across the UK over the past year. The Government is keen to prepare students for the needs of a digital workplace. Universities and Colleges must now invest in technology to make their facilities attractive as they compete for potential students.

£1.8 billion of public funding has been allocated to individual schools and colleges in Scotland which will boost access to education in deprived communities. It will also enable education bodies to respond more flexibly to the demands and challenges of the labour market.

£100 million is to be invested in Wales over the next three years to deliver a flagship 21st-century Schools and Education programme. This aims to modernise education infrastructure, by rebuilding or refurbishing buildings, reducing running costs and promoting sustainability.

Across the UK, the Government is spending money to boost digital education and training. During the Autumn Budget 2017, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that £30 million would be spent in the development of digital skills distance learning courses.

With so much investment happening over the next few years, education bodies must plan carefully using a compliant eProcurement solution.

View some of the focus areas for education in the infographic below and find out how Delta eSourcing can help your organisation achieve its spending goals.




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