Coming soon: Delta eSourcing 9.2 release

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You spoke – we listened

Based on our ongoing interactions with clients via the Helpdesk and our Account Management Team, we continue to act on customer feedback to continually enhance and improve your Delta eSourcing solution. This includes ease of use, more intuitive features and overall enhanced system performance to ensure you’re getting the best e-procurement experience possible.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve implemented a series of new features and improvements and we’re looking forward to delivering these enhancements as part of our upcoming Delta 9.2 release.

What’s improved?

Tender Manager – Pricing Questions

  • You can now create a “Price” question with an ITT which allows suppliers to respond with a bid amount. The system will then score this automatically and rank suppliers for you. You can thereby evaluate “at a glance”, saving you time and resource.
  • The evaluation plan can also be split to give a certain percentage of the weightings to both the Technical and Pricing sections. This gives you a balanced scorecard providing you with robust and comprehensive results.
  • When entering weightings against each question, you can now use numbers containing up to 2 decimal points. This gives you greater flexibility when assigning weightings and allows for more complex evaluation plans to be created.

Maintenance update

You also highlighted to us areas of the system which would benefit from further improvement. To improve technical performance and provide a more intuitive user experience, we have enhanced the following components:

    • Message Centre – we have included additional signposting on emails leaving the platform. This will ensure suppliers respond correctly to any messages and will further increase the accuracy of the audit trail held within Delta.
    • Questionnaire Builder – we have provided the option to import previously created SQ/ITT questionnaires into new Tender Exercises.
    • Dynamic Purchasing Systems – we have increased the responsiveness and performance of the module, allowing for faster navigation and evaluation of suppliers.
    • General Maintenance – we have introduced improvements to both the user interface and speed of these areas.

Your feedback is very important, so please keep sharing your ideas and suggestions with us. We’re always looking to actively involve our clients in both focus groups and user testing – so if you would like to participate in our 9.2 testing pre-release, please contact Dean Reilly, Delta Product Manager: