How to Use Market Analytics to Improve Your Procurement Process

Market analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about the market in …

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How to Manage Low Value Contracts Effectively

Low-value contracts are public sector tenders that fall below threshold* – the amount at which …

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How to Comply with the Procurement Reform Act

The Public Procurement Bill is scheduled to come into effect in October 2024. This gives …

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G Cloud 13: Everything You Need to Know

G Cloud 13 is the latest iteration of the UK Government’s digital procurement framework. It …

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How to measure the success of eSourcing Initiatives

Discover practical ways to measure the success of eSourcing initiatives through procurement efficiency, supplier relations, …

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How an eSourcing platform can help implement the changes from the Procurement Reform Act

Navigate the UK procurement Reform Act changes seamlessly with an efficient eSourcing platform. Discover how …

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The benefits of eAuctions for procurement and how to use them effectively

Discover the benefits of eAuctions for procurement and how to use their benefits for cost-effective …

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How To Ensure Transparency & Fairness in the eSourcing Process

Ensure eSourcing integrity with transparency and fairness. Discover strategies for equitable supplier selection, streamlined evaluations, …

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How will the Procurement Reform Act impact the social housing sector

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How to Integrate eSourcing with Other Procurement Technologies & Systems

Discover how to efficiently integrate eSourcing with other procurement technologies and systems. Gain insight into …

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The impact procurement reform will have on eSourcing

Explore the influence of UK procurement reform on eSourcing. Gain valuable insights into evolving strategies, …

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Leveraging Data Analytics in eSourcing for Better Decision-Making

Discover the power of data analytics in eSourcing for informed decision-making. Elevate procurement strategies through …

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