The education sector understands the benefits of collaborative procurement

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Procurement within the education sector is experiencing a time of change. In what the media are calling a “funding catastrophe”, educational organisations are moving away from transactional buying and are creating long-term buying strategies.


Collaboration within the Education sector

A recent study by the Department for Education of 326 Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) and 542 Single Academy Trusts (SATs) has revealed that academies “strongly understand the benefits of collaboration”.

The main benefits highlighted were school improvements, school-to-school support and help to teachers.

Out of those surveyed, most MATs stated that they could “provide examples of efficiencies achieved”. Areas where significant savings were made included payroll, catering and grounds maintenance.


Taking inspiration from the Health sector

The Future Operating Model is an excellent reference for public sector buyers looking to maximise value within their procurement strategy.

At this year’s P4H event Helen Lisle, Director of Procurement and Supplies at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, presented a speech on collaborative procurement within the healthcare sector.

Ms Lisle says that collaborative procurement is something that the public sector must focus on, noting that:

“Procurement departments need to work together, Trusts need to work together, and the public sector must work hand in hand with the supply base.”


Educational organisations must work together to improve educational outcomes for pupils. The main advantage of working collaboratively in the healthcare sector is that organisations can channel the savings Trusts are making together back into frontline services – something that educational organisations in the UK can relate to in the current climate.


Is your organisation maximising its budget?

If you are not currently working with another educational organisation in the creation of a collaborative procurement strategy, then you could be missing out on many benefits.

Working with another single academy or a Multi Academy Trust will not only help your organisation to create economies of scale, it can release more time for your organisation as it centralises service management.


Collaborate with Delta’s Contract Management tool

Our technology makes it easier for educational organisations to gain visibility of transactions, allowing your organisation to create a centralised approach to procurement.

Our Contract Management solution complies with PCR 2015 Life-Cycle Costing. Not only does it give users full control over the cost and time implications for their contract, it can be used across departments as it allows users to easily record, amend and view changes to contracts,

If your current procurement strategy is not helping your organisation to maximise its budget, speak to one of our procurement experts.


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