The differences between eSourcing and traditional (non-digital) procurement methods


In the procurement world, public sector organisations, SMEs, buyers, and suppliers constantly strive for innovation, efficiency, and cost savings. And technology has paved the way for eSourcing, revolutionising procurement processes and challenging traditional methods.

In this guide, we’ll take a deeper look at ethical sourcing, tender management, global supply chains, category management principles, and dynamic purchasing systems.

What is eSourcing and Ethical Sourcing?

eSourcing is a procurement approach that leverages digital technology to streamline and automate various procurement processes. By enabling organisations to efficiently manage tasks like information gathering, proposal evaluation, and supplier negotiation, eSourcing has become a powerful tool in the modern procurement landscape. There are a few key components to eSourcing, including the following:

  1. Electronic Request for Information (eRFI): Simplifying information gathering from potential suppliers
  2. Electronic Request for Proposal (eRFP): Standardizing proposal evaluation and comparison
  3. Electronic Request for Quotation (eRFQ): Facilitating efficient and transparent price negotiations
  4. Reverse auctions: Encouraging competition among suppliers for better pricing and service offerings
  5. Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS): Enhancing procurement flexibility through dynamic supplier selection

So, what is ethical sourcing?

This type of sourcing goes beyond traditional procurement strategies because it emphasises the importance of social and environmental responsibility. It also involves selecting suppliers that adhere to ethical standards, such as fair labour practices, safe working conditions, and environmental stewardship.

Incorporating ethical sourcing in eSourcing platforms like Delta eSourcing ensures that organisations not only achieve their financial objectives but also contribute positively to society and the environment.

Some of the major advantages of eSourcing with Delta eSourcing include increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved transparency, strengthened supplier relationships, and the ability to integrate ethical sourcing principles seamlessly into procurement processes.

Simply put, eSourcing can help organisations revolutionise their procurement strategies and optimise overall performance.

Traditional Procurement and Category Management Principles

Traditional procurement refers to the conventional, typically manual, methods of acquiring goods and services from external sources.

This approach relies on paper-based documentation, face-to-face negotiations, and physical contract management, making it more time-consuming and resource-intensive than eSourcing.

The key components of traditional procurement are the following:

  1. Paper-based requests for information, proposals, and quotations: Gathering and comparing supplier information, proposals, and pricing through physical documentation
  2. Face-to-face negotiations: Engaging in in-person discussions with suppliers to reach mutually beneficial agreements
  3. Physical contract management: Storing and managing contracts in paper format, which can be prone to errors and misplacement

Principles of Category Management

Category management is a strategic procurement approach focusing on organising and managing categories of goods and services to optimise value, reduce risk, and improve supplier relationships. The key components of this type management include:

  1. Analyse spending data to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements
  2. Segment categories based on factors such as complexity, criticality, and supplier market dynamics
  3. Develop category-specific strategies that align with organisational goals and objectives
  4. Foster collaboration with suppliers to drive innovation and enhance overall procurement performance

While traditional procurement methods have their advantages, such as building strong personal relationships with suppliers and enabling detailed negotiations, they can lack the efficiency, transparency, and flexibility offered by eSourcing.

Integrating category management principles into eSourcing platforms like Delta eSourcing can further enhance procurement strategies by providing a more comprehensive, data-driven approach to sourcing decisions.

Tender Management Process and Global Supply Chains

The tender management process is a crucial aspect of procurement because it involves the solicitation, evaluation, and selection of supplier proposals for the provision of goods or services. It also ensures that organisations choose the most suitable suppliers to meet their needs while adhering to regulatory requirements and industry standards. Technology is creating quite an impact on tender management. Ever-evolving technology is affecting:

  1. Streamlined workflows: Simplifying the creation, distribution, and evaluation of tender documents
  2. Enhanced transparency: Providing real-time visibility into the tender process for all stakeholders
  3. Improved decision-making: Offering data-driven insights to support the selection of the most appropriate suppliers

By granting access to a diverse array of products and services, global supply chains offer numerous benefits. These benefits include cost savings derived from economies of scale and reduced production costs across different regions, access to innovative suppliers boasting unique skills, technologies, or expertise, and risk mitigation through the diversification of the supplier base, which decreases dependency on any single source or region.

As a result, organisations can enhance their procurement strategies, improve cost efficiency, and encourage more innovation.

Dynamic Purchasing and its Role in Modern Procurement

Dynamic purchasing is an innovative procurement method that establishes an open and flexible procurement environment. As we mentioned earlier, a DPS is an electronic system that allows organisations to streamline supplier selection by continuously updating and expanding the pool of qualified suppliers. There are a few advantages of using DPS, which are:

  1. Increased competition: Encouraging suppliers to improve their offerings and stay competitive continuously
  2. Enhanced efficiency: Simplifying the procurement process by reducing administrative tasks and lead times
  3. Greater flexibility: Adapting to changing market conditions, organisational needs, or regulatory requirements with ease
  4. Improved supplier diversity: Encouraging the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and promoting fair opportunities for all suppliers

Integrating dynamic purchasing with ethical eSourcing allows organisations to optimise their procurement strategies by leveraging the benefits of a DPS within the eSourcing platform. This integration enables streamlined supplier management, real-time updates, and a more flexible procurement approach, making it easier for organisations to respond to changing needs and market conditions.

In a broader lens, adopting dynamic purchasing and incorporating it into modern eSourcing platforms like Delta eSourcing, can drive competition, enhance efficiency, increase flexibility, and promote supplier diversity, ultimately resulting in a more effective and adaptable procurement strategy.

Choosing the Right Procurement Method

There are a few ways you can choose the right procurement method for your organisation:

Assessing Your Organisation’s Needs and Goals

Consider factors like the size of your organisation, the complexity of procurement requirements, and the desired level of cost savings, efficiency, and supplier diversity.

Evaluating Your Organisation’s Digital Readiness for Esourcing

It’s also important to determine the level of technology adoption, internal capabilities, and potential challenges in implementing eSourcing solutions.

Identifying Potential Barriers to Change

Be sure to recognise any internal resistance, resource constraints, or process-related obstacles that could hinder implementing a new procurement method.

Developing a Procurement Strategy That Aligns With Your Business Objectives

Create a comprehensive procurement plan that considers the unique needs of your organisation and balances traditional procurement practices with the benefits of eSourcing and dynamic purchasing systems.

Request a Free Demo of Delta eSourcing solution

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Procurement Transformation Awaits

As the world of procurement continues to evolve, organisations must adapt to stay competitive and meet their strategic objectives. Embracing eSourcing and harnessing the power of digital technology can revolutionise procurement processes, driving efficiency, cost savings, and supplier diversity.

Now is the time to explore the potential of eSourcing with Delta eSourcing, a trusted platform used by over 500 UK public sector organisations and approximately 100,000 active suppliers. Experience the benefits of eSourcing firsthand and discover how Delta eSourcing can transform your procurement strategy.

So, take the first step towards a more efficient and effective procurement process by requesting a free demo of Delta eSourcing’s online platform today!

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