GDPR Compliant Contract Management Software

GDPR - Contract Management Software

Ahead of GDPR last May, public sector organisations faced a range of challenges to ensure that the software and third-party services they use were compliant.

One year on, this is still incredibly important and begs the question, is it time for your organisation to consider Delta eSourcing’s contract management software?


The public sector and personal data

The public sector has access to vast amounts of personal data, much of which is of a sensitive nature. This refers to anything that identifies a person, eg:

  • Photographs
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Dependants
  • Racial Identity
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Health Conditions
  • Gender

Personal data is often shared throughout the procurement process and your organisation is responsible for protecting the privacy of this data in all circumstances.

Moving forward it is important that your organisation has policies and procedures in place that adhere to the new rules.


Compliant contract management software

Moving forward public sector organisations must consider how the change in regulations will affect the daily tasks which are conducted by your employees and the data which is stored by your organisation.

Protect data within contracts with our Contract Management Software. The tools which come with this module can help procurement teams of all shapes and sizes manage contracts that can be time-consuming for public sector professionals from a multitude of backgrounds.


Time to update?

GDPR may seem like a substantial change for both the public and the private sector; however, it gives you an opportunity to clear a backlog of historical contract data that may no longer be necessary. Storing your data in one place will help you to identify what the data you hold is for and who in your organisation has access to sensitive information.

Many public sector organisations are still using legacy technology that is out of date and does not comply with the new requirements.

If you are looking for robust contract management software solutions that will ensure secure data protection, join Michael Gilchrist (Delta eSourcing Business Development Executive) at our free webinar on Friday, 7th June at 11am where he’ll be demonstrating our GDPR compliant contract management software, book here.

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