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Delta is shining the spotlight on one of the most useful procurement tools – the Dynamic Purchasing System or DPS throughout September!

Get to know DPS better with our “Did you know?” blog.


New suppliers can join anytime

A survey of public sector organisations by the Local Government Association highlights the benefits of a DPS arrangement and notes that buyers can make cost savings through increased competition.

Buyers must refresh their pool of suppliers to maintain competitiveness within the marketplace and, as we have mentioned, using a DPS new suppliers can join at any time, which means that new players in the market are not locked out of your supplier list – keeping everybody happy!


DPS can help your organisation to stay compliant

Many public sector buyers are choosing to procure using a Dynamic Purchasing System to stay compliant with Regulation 22 – and to gain flexibility during the procurement process.

Tender documents that are placed on a Dynamic Purchasing System are made freely available electronically from the date of the advert. This makes public procurement more transparent as these procurement documents must remain available electronically throughout the lifecycle of the Dynamic Purchasing System.]


DPS can also benefit suppliers

For suppliers, DPS can offer an invaluable opportunity to build relationships with the public sector. While neither offers a guarantee of work for any supplier, just winning a place on a framework or DPS is a useful addition to the portfolio of an SME or indeed of any business, particularly when starting to try to win work with the public sector.


DPS is completely electronic

Delta eSourcing’s Dynamic Purchasing System is completely electronic. The module allows buyers to procure goods, works or services commonly available on the market quickly and efficiently from a refreshable pool of suppliers.


DPS is not a new concept

The concept and use of DPS is not a new one but with the recent changes to the Public Contract Regulations (2015) it has become a more considered and used option in public sector procurement.

What has changed over time is how DPS arrangements can be implemented to make the options to use a DPS more flexible than was allowed in the original regulations, in line with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR2015).


Join the DPS revolution

Manage tenders, suppliers, and contracts in a single solution – our eSourcing system. Book a free demo with Delta and see how our Dynamic Purchasing System can benefit your organisation first-hand.


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