Can cyber security be strengthened through public procurement?

cyber security

In a recent article by Computer Weekly, the online publication claims that “cyber security can and must be strengthened through public procurements”. Their findings have been based on a report by The Kosciuszko Institute.


Tackling Cyber Security Challenges

Moving forward, public sector organisations must be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to cyber security.

When an organisation is deciding on IT suppliers, price should no longer be be the deciding factor;, instead security criteria must be considered.

The Kosciuszko Institute, a non-governmental research institute, recommends that those managing public procurements should look carefully at action plans, targets, specific procurement criteria, and specific certifications, if national procurement bodies want tackle existing cyber security challenges.

Communication is also key as the report recommends that public sector bodies engage more closely with IT security agencies and put cyber security strategies in place when procuring goods and services.

Joanna Świątkowska, CyberSec Programme Director at the Kosciuszko Institute, says that: “The recommendations are aimed at decision-makers and cyber security stakeholders to take bold measures to ensure a safe cyber space.”


Protecting your organisation

Public sector organisations have been well warned about cyber risks that can arise when working with the supply chain.

Last year, Ciaran Martin, Chief Executive of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, stated that a major cyber-attack on the UK is a matter of “when, not if”. This reinforces the need for public sector organisations to take the right precautions to protect themselves against cyber attacks.


Cyber Essentials for the public sector

Public sector bodies can demonstrate their commitment to cyber security by completing Cyber Essentials certification.

This will show your partners and clients that your organisation has a strategy which aligns with the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme.

Learn more about Cyber Essentials on our website or download the scheme summary here.


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