Why the education sector must collaborate post Covid-19

The education sector has been one of the most significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The need first for lockdown and then for ongoing social distancing closed all education establishments and it is becoming clear that, for the foreseeable future, schools, colleges and universities will not be able to go back to the pre-pandemic normal.

The new normal

Collaboration between buyers is key for the sector to move forward as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

The education sector has been asked to undertake a rapid transformation, with face to face learning in a group setting with a teacher/lecturer largely being replaced by online teaching delivered to students in their own homes. While the current plan is for schools to resume full time in September, this is dependent on virus levels, and the ability to keep pupils safe. However, many higher education institutions are currently planning either fully or partly online learning.

With so much investment being made during this time, it is important that your procurement team has visibility and control of what it is spending, which leads to the question “is your organisation maximising its budget?”

Is your organisation maximising its budget?

During this time it is important that procurement departments work together. The main advantage of working collaboratively is that buyers can channel the savings made by purchasing together and put it back into education.

If you are not currently working with another educational organisation in the creation of a collaborative procurement strategy, then you could be missing out on many benefits.

Working with another single academy, Multi Academy Trust or higher education institution will not only help your organisation to create economies of scale, but it can release more time for your organisation as it centralises service management.

Stay in control

Our technology makes it easier for educational organisations to gain visibility of transactions, allowing your organisation to create a centralised approach to procurement.

Our Contract Management solution complies with PCR 2015 Life-Cycle Costing. Not only does it give users full control over the cost and time implications for their contract, it can be used across departments as it allows users to easily record, amend and view changes to contracts.

We work with a number of universities across the UK, the University of Leicester being one of them. Currently ranked among the world’s top 1% of universities, the University of Leicester has benefited from our user-friendly eProcurement solution, enough to roll it out to departments across the organisation.

Why Delta?

Unlike other eProcurement providers, Delta also handles supplier queries. This can improve how your team handles customer interactions and means that customers can receive direct answers from our helpful procurement experts.

Looking for a procurement portal for the Education sector? Find out how we can help your organisation by requesting a demo.

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