Coming soon: Delta eSourcing 9.5 Release

Delta eSourcing V9.5

Delta 9.5 Update

At Delta we continually talk to our customers to find out what areas of our eSourcing platform you love the most, and (more importantly) what areas you feel could be working better for you. Our aim is to deliver the most intuitive, easy-to-use system to give you the best e-procurement experience; with this in mind we’re delighted to announce our latest release – Delta 9.5 – coming very soon.

What’s new?

Supplier Profile Update

  • The supplier profile has been updated to mirror the Standard Selection Questionnaire (SSQ) which is used on most restricted OJEU procedures
  • When a supplier has completed their profile, and then bids for a tender which uses the SSQ, the answers will automatically populate using the supplier’s profile information
  • The supplier’s profile will also highlight if they are an SME – this information will then be displayed to you during the life of a tender

Questionnaire Builder Updates

  • When building a questionnaire within Delta, the page no longer needs to reload each time a new question or section is added; when you add new detail to a questionnaire, it will update automatically in real time, significantly reducing the time taken to build forms

Multi Lot Management (Tender Manager/DPS)

  • When creating a tender/DPS you will now be asked if your requirement is broken down in to lots. If you select ‘yes’ you can then identify the number of lots available
    • The system then creates a notice template and several questionnaires equal to the lots chosen
    • All of this is automatically linked together, ensuring that any suppliers looking to respond can clearly see the lots available, and bid for the ones relevant to their organisation
  • We have increased the limit on uploading files to 200Mb

Message Centre Update

  • You will now receive a read receipt when a supplier reads an email

Talk to Us

As always, your feedback is very important, so please keep sharing your ideas and suggestions with us.

We’re always looking to actively involve our clients in both focus groups and user testing – if you would like to be a part of one of these groups, or participate in future testing pre-release, please contact David Young, Delta Marketing Manager.

Are you new to Delta, or keen to learn more about what the platform can do for you? Get in touch today and ask us for a FREE demo.

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