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Delta eSourcing for Suppliers

Promote your company & respond to opportunities

Response Manager

Every day tenders and compeitive opportunities are being run through the Delta eSourcing service. Used by over 300 organisations representing over 6,000 buyers, the Delta Response Manager ensures that you can quickly and easily create and submit your bids for all values of contracts including Request for Information (RFI) and Quick Quotes.

Do it Once

Your responses can be quickly and easily created. The Response Manager- auto-populates data from your Supplier Profile to answer any like for like questions. This saves in both time and effort providing a simple centralised store of pre-qualification and tender information which can then if required be further enhanced for each opportunity.

Track and Manage

The Response Manager allows you to track your SQ and tender responses (bids) as well as view any invitations from buyers submitted through the Delta eSourcing service to provide a quote or participate in a tender exercise. The Response Manager displays key details regarding the opportunity including the buying organisation and the crucial deadline dates. All submissions are denoted in the activity log which provides you and the buyer with a comprehensive and robust audit trail.

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Key Features:

  • Web based secure service
  • Store, manage and track responses
  • Facilitates group working
  • Easy standardised format for response completion
  • Dashboard of critial dates and progress
  • Email Buyer Function
  • Detailed activity log