Case Study: Spectrum Housing Group

Case Study: Spectrum Housing Group

Spectrum Housing Group undertook a project to source an e-procurement tool which would allow the Group to:

  • maximise procurement process efficiencies:
  • align with the pre-existing procurement toolkit; and
  • ensure that audit requirements for a contracts register were met.

It was essential that the web-based system would allow the Group to manage tenders, suppliers and contracts in a single solution. Additionally, new EU Directives call for all public sector bodies to have an e-procurement platform by 2016.

The solution was to implement the Delta product which is web-based, thereby reducing risk to incumbent IT systems. The Delta system provides ease of access to internal users and suppliers, an intuitive interface and free registration for suppliers. It is also fully auditable and compliant with OJEU and best practice tendering processes. A contracts register was implemented which has the capacity to include contract management documentation.

All purchasing activity is now driven through the portal, from low to high spend, which adds significant value to the Group through efficiency savings, in addition to improved financial reporting of contract spend against values agreed at tender award.

“The Delta system’s functionality, set-up and visual profile were very user-friendly, which is a key consideration to ensuring multiple internal stakeholders’ usability and supplier involvement,” the Group Project Team found in their Recommendation Report.

“Delta’s experience with dynamic public and private sector organisations and its focus on the auditability and reporting tools within the system were additional benefits.

“Delta’s support (Helpdesk) and partnership ethos were factors in the project team’s decision-making. It is a significant undertaking to train end users, provide additional support and develop the system so that elements are bespoke to the Group (the inclusion of the procurement toolkit) as well as signing up suppliers. Throughout the tender process, Delta has provided the project team with confidence, reassurance and evidence to support their award.”

Nigel Leighton, Purchasing Manager at Spectrum Housing Group, added: “I strongly recommend Delta. I have used multiple e-platforms and can reassuringly recommend Delta as leaders in the field. Excellent buyer feedback, easy to use. Strength in the evaluation functionality, especially including external stakeholders. Suppliers seem positive and experience has shown ease of registration, tender viewing and submissions with logical processes.”