E-Procurement – Are you ready for the 2018 deadline – The procurement process and what PAS91 & SSIP means for your organisation

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Delta Insight

New from Delta E-Sourcing, the first of a series of Insight events designed to tackle the most compelling issues within public sector procurement today.

These Insight events will take place across the North, the Midlands, London and the South East over the next 8 months, giving you the chance to listen and interact with Delta’s procurement speakers and experts.

Why Attend:

Delta is proud to not only being the best fully end-to-end, EU compliant, full eSourcing web-based service but also being an authoritative voice for the public sector community.

Each Insight event will have its own unique topic in addition to E-Procurement – Are you ready for the 2018 deadline?’ which will keep you up to date with the latest developments as e-submissions head towards being made mandatory for all contracting authorities and all procurement procedures by October 2018.

  • 11 Oct 2017
    10:00 am - 12:30 pm