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Essential Deployment to Introduce New OJEU Notices

Delta eSourcing is planning a deployment at 5pm on 23rd March 2016. This deployment is essential in order to introduce all of the new OJEU regulatory notices into Delta and bring the service fully into line with the EU Public Procurement Directives 2015. The deployment window will last a number of hours in order to ensure your service is fully compliant with the Directives and during this time users will not be able to access the service. We would like to assure you that your service will be available for start of business on 24th March 2016. Thank you for your patience during this deployment.

For more information about the new OJEU forms and FAQs, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding this essential deployment, please contact the Delta Helpdesk here or call us on 0845 270 7050.