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  1. Tender Management Explained

    BiP Solutions journalist Julie Shennan caught up with Principal PASS Consultant Eddie Regan to discuss the necessity for good tender management systems. For the last 19 years Eddie has lectured regularly on procurement policy and processes at conferences and events, both on behalf of PASS and for a variety of other organisations. He also provides […]

  2. 3 Top Tips for Tender Management

    Tender Management is the process of planning, selecting and executing bids efficiently, keeping a clear audit trail that can be used to glean best practice for future contracts. BiP Solutions journalist Julie Shennan has provided these three top tips for its best use.   Learn from the past Too often when public sector buyers re-tender, […]

  3. Dynamic Purchasing Systems Demystified

    Dynamic Purchasing System Now Available in Delta Continuing in its role as a leader in e-procurement, Delta eSourcing has introduced a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) module in Delta. This development makes it easier than ever for buyers to deal in commonly available goods and services, via e-tendering.     What is a DPS? Similar to an Electronic […]

  4. Why now is the perfect time to invest in contract management

    As the end of the financial year approaches, organisations will now be planning ahead for next year’s finances and traditionally there will be budget remaining that needs to be allocated – which provides the ideal opportunity to consider investment in a contract management system. Now is the ideal time to begin the journey towards a […]

  5. Contract Management Made Easy

    Delta eSourcing recently introduced its Contract Management modules, helping buyers to use eTendering to deal in goods and services and to manage their contracts effectively. For those still unsure of how Contract Management can help business growth, BiP Solutions journalist Julie Shennan has investigated to provide clarity. What is Contract Management? Contract management is the process […]

  6. 5 Top Tips for using Dynamic Purchasing Systems

    Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are living shortlists of suppliers that organisations join by completing the selection stage requirements. They help buyers quickly and efficiently procure goods, works and services commonly available on the market from a refreshable pool of suppliers. To celebrate the introduction of a DPS module on the Delta eSourcing system, BiP Solutions […]

  7. Procurement After Brexit

    How will Brexit Shape the Future of Public Procurement? In the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, we are likely to see a period of uncertainty as exit terms are negotiated and future procurement processes are agreed. While the implications for public sector procurement are uncertain, the role of Delta eSourcing […]

  8. Busting Dynamic Purchasing System Myths

    Delta eSourcing has introduced its Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Manager module, helping buyers to quickly and efficiently procure goods, works and services commonly available on the market from a refreshable pool of suppliers. BiP Solutions journalist Julie Shennan has secured an exclusive interview with Procurement Advice and Support Service Principal Consultant Eddie Regan to provide clarity […]

  9. Procurement Policy Note: New Threshold Levels 2016

    Procurement regulations set out the terms by which public bodies must abide when carrying out the process of advertising contracts for tendering. A vital regulation which both contracting authorities and tenderers must be aware of concerns advertising threshold levels, indicating at what value a contract for goods, works or services must be advertised for bids. […]

  10. Spending Review and Autumn Statement: what was announced

    The Spending Review and Autumn Statement was announced by Chancellor George Osborne on 25 November 2015 and set out how £4 trillion of government money will be allocated over the next five years. It revealed how the Government will invest in priority areas like the NHS, defence and housing. The good news is that, on […]

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