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Delta eSourcing for Buyers

A cost effective EU compliant platform for eTendering and collaboration

Supplier Manager

Delta eSourcing’s Supplier Manager application is a web-based service which allows your organisation to engage with both new and existing suppliers. At a time when transparency and efficiency in public spending is critical, the service offers buying organisations a free method of managing and engaging with local suppliers and the wider community.


Streamline and automate your supplier interaction by directing your suppliers to complete their supplier profile. This will instantly place them on the Supplier Information Database (SID).This supplier profile is then available to populate all tender responses following the ‘do it once’ ethos, with an onus on suppliers to keep their data up to date, reducing the burden on both parties to manage changes.

  • Easy to use community building service
  • Contains a range of tools to interact with your supply base or the wider supplier database
  • Simple process for supplier registration and profile completion
  • Encourages business readiness by providing standard SQ for completion in the form of the supplier profile.


Access this ready-made supplier community and identify suppliers as part of a market scoping exercise or to invite to a mini-completion or request for quotation.

  • Quick Search using simple terms such as ‘cleaning’
  • Advanced search for more detailed results using a variety of criteria including location, business activity, CPV code and status
  • Supplier status is indicated as Registered, Certified or Accredited
  • Date stamped data minimises risk of making decisions based on out-of-date information


As part of your supplier engagement programme you can use the Supplier Manager tool to create lists and invite suppliers to join them.

  • Create and send invite emails via the service with instructions for suppliers
  • Drive suppliers to register if they wish to do business with you
  • Seek supplier registration against a Category List or Procurement Exercise
  • Supplier invitation activity recorded in a fully searchable activity log


The Select Supplier Information Database (SID) is at the heart of the Delta eSourcing community. It  offers buying organisations a free method of managing and engaging with not only their own suppliers but also the wider supplier community. SID offers suppliers the opportunity to promote themselves to the nationwide network of public sector buyers who use Delta eSourcing daily to run their competitive opportunities or carry out market scoping. Supplier registration on Delta eSourcing is free and open to all suppliers providing 24/7 access to a range of services.

Suppliers have three status levels:

  • Registered – Basic contact details and business activities are detailed.
  • Certified – Suppliers create a profile based on the standard SQ and publish this for buyers to view.
  • Accredited – A full assessment and third-party accreditation process takes place. This involves suppliers providing a range of documentation to support their application. The references they provide are used to determine the nominal contract value for which they have been approved to tender.

Supplier Manager provides an easy supplier/vendor management service driving suppliers to one central hub where they register, store and manage their details and to which buyers have instant access. The list building functions provide buyers with the ability to create and manage lists of suppliers.

  • Create an unlimited number of category/supplier lists
  • Ability to set list open and close dates and times in line with deadlines
  • Real-time data view, supplier profiles within the lists are automatically updated if a supplier makes an update
  • Removes the requirement for time-consuming maintenance of supplier information and paper storage

For more information and to discuss your requirements, please call 0845 270 7090 or email

Key Features:

  • Set up supplier and category lists for easy searching
  • Search for suppliers by type, CPV code or location
  • Invite suppliers into a supplier list or tender exercise