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Delta eSourcing for Buyers

A cost effective EU compliant platform for eTendering and collaboration

eAuctions Manager

eAuctions is a reverse auction tool compliant with EU Regulations which can be used as a standalone service or as an extension of your tender exercise.

Identify requirement

  • Is an eAuction suitable for the procurement? Speak to your account manager to arrange to set one up
  • Use eAuctions tool to power the reverse auction stage of either your ITT or your framework call-offs

Create and publish opportunity

  • Include notification of intent to use eAuctions/ a reverse auction in the contract notice when posting to a portal or OJEU

Advertise your opportunity to the market

  • Ensure that tender documentation provides relevant information about the eAuctions phase

Receive your responses and shortlist

  • Evaluate all tenders and award qualitative scores to eAuction weightings
  • Invite successful suppliers to take part in an eAuction
  • Participating suppliers can set themselves up in advance of the eAuction taking place and trial the system

Run eAuction

  • Prior to the service, Delta eSourcing offers buyer and supplier support as well as consultancy or training, both off-site and on-site. A Q&A facility for both contracting authorities and bidders is available. Delta eSourcing will then host and manage the eAuction
  • In an eAuction, potential suppliers compete online and in ‘real time’, providing prices for the goods or services under auction
  • The process is open and transparent, with bid visibility provided through ranking and/or position

Award your contract

  • Immediate feedback through the eAuction to suppliers and buyers (supplier information is anonymous)
  • Award contract to the supplier with the winning bid based on the lowest adjusted score
  • Cost savings can then be calculated, the contract awarded and suppliers notified
  • For more information and to discuss your requirements, please call 0845 270 7090 or email

Key Features:

  • A platform for transparent negotiations to drive lowest price and best value
  • Real-time monitoring and an automatic, independent audit trail
  • Facilitates all EU procurement procedures – open, restricted, negotiated and accelerated, as well as low-value contracts.
  • Onsite or remote support can be provided by a Delta Consultant
  • A simple auction has two stages – evaluation against non price criteria, with chosen suppliers proceeding to participate in the auction, generally competing on price