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Delta eSourcing for Buyers

A cost effective EU compliant platform for eTendering and collaboration

Contract Manager

Contract Register allows you to manage all your contract awards and provides a central repository facilitating the recording,promotion and monitoring of all your organisation’s contracts and agreements. It allows you to view your Contract Records, search records listed and export details to host your buyer portal. You can display your Contract Records in various ways and filter your search by start date, end date, status and reference.

Create a Contract Record

  • A Contract Record can be linked to (and pre-populated from) an Award Notice or created manually

Upload Contract Information

  • Upload both single and multiple documents against a Contract Record
  • When documents are uploaded, the system provides the flexibility for users to categorise documents
  • Contract Records can be linked to Award Notices, ensuring consistency and minimising risk

Share with Organisation

  • Contract Records can be shared within an organisation in a secure central repository
  • Buyers can search through Contract Records and view records by status

Manage Contract Lifecycle

  • Set reminders, receive email reminders and re-schedule reminders, thereby helping sourcing teams plan more effectively and meet lead times

Manage Re-tendering

  • Reduce negotiation cycles and improve contract renewals
  • Manage new contracts from concept through to completion


  • All changes are tracked through an activity log, ensuring that regulatory and reporting requirements are met
  • For more information and to discuss your requirements, please call 0845 270 7090 or email


Key Features:

  • Electronic repository for all contract related information, including; buyers contact details, contract details and supplier details
  • Dynamically links to published contract award notices
  • Proactive setting of reminders for contract milestones or contract renewal dates
  • Powerful reporting per contract, client and contract status