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Delta eSourcing for Buyers

A cost effective EU compliant platform for eTendering and collaboration

The Contract Change Control module allows value tracking of all contracts within your organisation’s Contract Register. This will help buyers to comply with PCR 2015 ‘Life-Cycle Costing’, by giving them full control over the cost and time implications for their contracts.

Contract Change Control (CCC) Module

  • The Contract Change Control module can be directly linked to the Contract Register, allowing the creation and management of any amendments or variations to contracts.
  • The tool allows the recording of any changes to the contract, focusing particularly on cost, but also on any changes to completion dates for the contract. This allows for the management of the whole life cost/timescale of the project.
  • A simple and intuitive interface allows the user to easily record each amendment. The key information relating to the change can be entered along with any supporting documents.
  • View the original values of the contract record and create a change control to view the history of changed information.
  • Access to a detailed overview for the change control, showing the original contract details alongside an in-depth summary of all changes made.
  • Once a change control is created, the following information will be calculated:

    • Revised total contract value
    • Original value
    • Value of change
    • Revised end date
    • For more information and to discuss your requirements, please call 0845 270 7090 or email


Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Automatic value tracking of cost and time implications
  • Access the history of all changed information
  • Manage all changes with ease
  • Detailed summary of all information before and after changes are made