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Delta eSourcing for Buyers

A cost effective EU compliant platform for eTendering and collaboration

Workspace Manager

Workspace manager is a module which allows you to bring all of your projects and collaborations together, allowing for an easily managed solution to any collaborative procurements.

Collaborate and communicate in one central location.

Collaboration Manager provides a dynamic, collaborative workspace that allows real-time visibility of internal and external procurement processes. It offers buyers the ability to connect and collaborate across distributed teams to run either one-off tender exercises or repetitive procurements or as part of longer-term joint ventures. It provides a dedicated, secure, online environment in which procurement professionals from one organisation or multiple organisations can work together easily and efficiently on collaborative procurement and tender exercises.

Collaborating at the commissioning stage

Collaboration Manager can play an important role at the very early stages of the commissioning process. It provides a platform for bringing stakeholders together prior to commencing a collaborative procurement and provides the tools that can facilitate more effective commissioning. Common strategic objectives can be identified; experience and best practice can be shared; and documentation can be made more consistent.

Central and remote access to all collaboration information via the Document Store

The Collaboration Manager Document Store is essentially an online document repository for all information and documentation produced as part of a collaborative procurement exercise. Version control is much easier to manage and the activity log provides a full audit trail, allowing organisations to remain compliant with quality standards. Users can share and manage information securely and easily upload and share documentation.

Efficient management of key milestones and meetings with a Collaboration Calendar

The Shared Calendar within Collaboration Manager gives a holistic view of key project or delivery dates to everyone involved in the collaboration. The calendar is centrally managed and permission levels can be for individual users. Users can raise visibility of key milestones or activity dates. An email can be sent to all members of a collaboration notifying them of new or modifications to appointments or activities in the calendar.

Share the conversation with a Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum allows anyone involved in a collaboration to communicate remotely, securely and in real time. All communications are recorded and time stamped and can be accessed at any time by anyone in the collaboration. Discussion topics and threads provide easy access to previous discussions and insight which could be invaluable to the procurement process. Users can gain awareness of past discussions or participate in the current ones, allowing them to communicate effectively with everyone involved in the collaboration.

Project Manager

The Project Manager module provides an isolated workspace in which to store all Tenders/Quick calls relating to a single project. Its invite only structure ensures that only the relevant users within your organisation gain access to the project details, allowing the tendering process to be fully customised and tailored to your needs.

Key Features:

  • An isolated workspace with fully manageable user list
  • Users can be assigned separate user levels within the project, granting greater control over access
  • A real time display of your estimated contract value
  • Enhanced layout displaying all project details including start/end date and estimated budget
  • Main overview detailing all tender exercises contained with the project
  • Easy access to the projects document repository and discussions
  • A built in calendar allowing the creation of project meetings and key milestone reminders
  • A full audit trail of all actions carried out within the project

For more information and to discuss your requirements, please call 0845 270 7090 or email


Key Features:

  • Web based centralised hub utilising Delta eSourcing applications
  • User management to set privilege and permissions control
  • Collaborative online evaluation application
  • Buyer discussion forums
  • Central repository for all collaboration specific documentation
  • Audit trail of activity and version control of shared documentation
  • Delivers secure collaborative working across multiple teams and/or locations
  • Better and more efficient tender processes, saving time and money
  • Greater communication, transparent exchange of knowledge and feedback
  • Standardise and share procurement best practice across departments/other organisations
  • Robust, intuitive, easy to use web-based service